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Prepare to get dipped in pure luxury! Attain the premium glow you desire with the Liquid Illuminating Drops that impart a luminous, build-able highlight. Ultra-concentrated with multi-faceted pigment, the lightweight drops allow for a customizable, radiant glow. Your skin will be dripping in golden allure that will leave them all in a captivated daze. Release your inner goddess and glow on!


How to Use:

  • Shake well before use. For an all over dewy glow, dispense a quarter size amount of any lotion into the palm of your hand. Add drops and mix with your fingers. Apply to face and any other parts of your body. For an instant highlighting effect, use alone and apply with hands or favourite beauty tool. Use a few drops for a subtle glow, or more drops for a stronger strobing effect.

Glow Daze Liquid Illuminating Drops, 29ml

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